LSVT BIG Exercise #7 for Parkinson’s Disease

Rock and twist and reach

Well this is the last of the 7 exercises. Good Luck all.
With legs spread slightly larger than shoulder width start with hands on your thighs. Take a step to the left and twist left with right hand reaching to where your left arm was and your left arm reaching as far back as possible behind you and head turning so you are looking down your left arm behind you. Hold then return to start. Repeat 9 more times. Then go to opposite side so left is pointing out to where your right arm was and head turning to look down your right arm behind you. Hold and repeat 9 more times.
All of these exercises are to be done 2 x’s daily.
Thanks for all the positive feedback all.


About shakingpt

I am a physical therapist for the pst 38 years. I have parkinson's disease for the past 7 years.
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3 Responses to LSVT BIG Exercise #7 for Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Steve Warren says:

    Sorry to ask questions ………….
    Are there really only 7 exercises in SLVT BIG ….. or are there more to come?
    Is it important to do ten reps on one side and then ten on the other or can you do alternate sides ten times?
    In exercise 6 do you finish with both arms in the air pointing upwards or does the first arm come down when the second arm goes up?

    • shakingpt says:

      Hi Steve. These are the basic exercises. They do encourage you to do one side and then the other. In ex #6 you should have one arm up and one down, not both up in the air at the same time. As the exercises become easier to do you can start to challenge yourself to make the exercises harder. For example in exercise #6, you can step over a small object while swinging one arm up and one behind you. These are however to be done after all are getting too easy or to prevent boredom. Good Luck.

  2. Steve Warren says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I have to remind myself that these are not designed primarily as cardiovascular exercises to raise your heart rate (which is what I have become used to) but to train the brain, where repetition is important. I read some research which showed that when you do this kind of training your brain learns to adapt to low levels of ldopa and recycles it more efficiently. I’m not a specialist but if this is true then taking ldopa would provide higher concentrations and the body would not need to adapt to lwoer concentrations and the exercise training would be less beneficial….
    I’ve only seen a neurologist 8 months ago when I didn’t believe I had PD or P-ism and so wasn’t really listening or asking the right questions. I need to go back in a more responsive frame of mind and ask some more searching questions.

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